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Pedders Trakryder Foam Cell Shock 9546

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TrakRyder Foam Cell Shock

The TrakRyder foam cell shock provides larger cooling areas to improve shock performance and durability by allowing full oil contact with both the inner and outer housings. The foam cell technology found in the Pedders TrakRyder foam cell shock absorber virtually eliminates shock fade by eliminating the mixing of the oil and air which ensures optimum damping control in all conditions. The 40mm bore and piston is much greater than original equipment size and provides a dramatically increased oil capacity for greater ride improvement.

Foam Cell Technology TrakRyder Shocks

  • Extra-large 40 mm bore with cellular foam technology.
  • Reinforced double welded mountings.
  • Rugged multi-purpose design.
  • Ideal for off road use, load carrying & towing.
  • Every shock dyno tested.
  • Heavy duty twin-tube construction technology.
  • Suitable for popular 4X4’s and SUV’s.
  • Hydraulic “Top Out” buffer.
  • Sintered iron piston with one-piece teflon band.

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