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Nissan X-Trail

Want more ground clearance from your Nissan X-Trail?

Then we can help you!

Pedders Suspension offer everything you need to raise your X-Trail. Our lift kit features four Pedders TrakRyder springs and four of our TrakRyder Dampers as well as a set of camber adjustment bolts (T30 only). Not sure if this is the right kit? Listed below are some of the common questions about our kit.

How much does this raise my X-Trail?

Here at Pedders, we try to avoid quoting a raise, rather we quote an installed height. Why do we do this? Simply, because, springs settle over time dependant on use mileage etc. Our kits may give a raise of, for example, 1 inch, but if your car is already an inch lower than when it was new, this would equate to 2 inches when the new springs were fitted.

So, to answer the question, the installed height of our kit is 710mm at the front, 715mm at the rear (16 inch wheels) for T30 models (2001-2007), and 695mm at the front, 705mm at the rear (17 inch wheels) for T31 models (2007-onwards). This is measured from the bottom of the wheel RIM to the bottom of the wheel-arch as shown in the diagram on the right.

I've heard that you cant raise an X-Trail?

There are limits as to how high you can go. On the X-Trail, the limiting factor is CV joint angle. If you raise the vehicle too far, you will cause the CV joints to go beyond their range of travel. This causes permanent damage to the CV Joints and possible damage to other components. Pedders have taken this into account when designing and specifying the final installed height. You can be sure that this will not be a problem.

What are these camber adjusters?

When raising, or for that matter lowering a vehicle, the camber angle of the wheel will change. I.e., the amount the top of the wheel leans in or out. Leaning in is negative camber, leaning out is positive. When raising the X-Trail T30, it is likely that the camber will become more positive and fall outside of Nissan's specifications. As camber is not adjustable as standard on the X-Trail T30, we can supply a set of adjustable bolts that allow adjustments to be made once fitted to ensure the camber angle meets the specification. It is for this reason we always recommend that you have the suspension geometry checked after fitting our kit or making any other changes to the suspension.

Do your kits fit Diesel Models?

Pedders Suspension can now offer lifting springs for both the Petrol and Diesel Models of T30 and T31.

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