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Chrysler 300C

The secret formula for long lasting Chrysler 300C urethane bushes

Pedders Suspension has extensively researched and developed its complete range of suspension products to suit the Chrysler 300C, otherwise known as the LX platform. This includes Chrysler 300C, Dodge Charger and Dodge Magnum.

The Pedders Suspension range of products for these cars includes, springs, dampers and bushes. Many of these components offer improved life and/or performance over the original offering. Whether you are seeking replacement parts with extended life, or an improvement in performance, the Pedders Suspension have the answer.

The most common failures on the 300C are the tension strut bushes, closely followed by the lower damper bushes. Pedders offer replacements with significantly longer longevity & that's a guarantee!

Not sure which bush to order? Then check out our 300C front suspension component identifier diagram. All bushes are supplied as a pair. The price you see displayed will include bushes for both sides of the car.

Not sure what is involved in fitting these bushes? Where necessary, instructions are supplied with each pack of bushes.

Looking to improve the handling of your car? Then again, Pedders has a range of products to help you achieve this. Whether its just a set of lowering springs for enhanced looks, or a full coilover kit, we have it right here!

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Chrysler 300c 2012-On

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Chrysler 300c 2005-2012 3.0TD