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Do you own and drive a Suzuki Jimny? Looking for suspension parts or suspension upgrades?

In 2018, Suzuki released the new Jimny to the world. Building on the success of earlier models, its proved to be a fantastic vehicle. And as with previous generations, extremely capable off road, despite its small size. No doubt in part, due to retaining a live front axle, something which is now almost unique to the Jimny.

Whilst extremely capable of course, Pedders have a range of products available improve and enhance its ability, both off and on road.

Pedders offer a number of products including lift kits and brake kits.

Pedders Trak Ryder 4WD Suspension represents many years of technical development and delivers new levels of ride and comfort for the Jimny owner.

Pedders Trak Ryder suspension includes hundreds of quality components in its construction each designed to improve the ride and handling of specific vehicles in specific ways.

Pedders Brakes improve and enhance braking performance, including the rear drum to disc conversion for the ultimate in stopping power.

Pedders also offer a range of products for the earlier, highly successful model.

Select your model from the menu and what Pedders can do for your Jimny.

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