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Do you own and drive a Kia Sportage? Do you have sagging rear springs?

The Kia Sportage can suffer from sagging rear springs. It’s a common problem with the 2010-2016 model.

Replacement with standard new parts rarely solves the problem in the longer term.

Pedders have recognized the issue, and designed a replacement spring that does not suffer from these issues.

As many owners also tow, we designed the spring to cope better with towing loads.

To ensure optimum performance we also designed an uprated shock for better control of any towed loads.

These are offered as kit for the 2010-16 models. There are 2 variations depending on which type of shock is fitted.

Solve the problem of your sagging Sportage springs today with kit from Pedders.

Pedders also offer a range of products for both the earlier and later models.

Not sure which kits or parts you require? Then please do get in touch, where one of our team will be able to assist you.

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