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Pedders towing kit. Nissan X-Trail T30 803268

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Pedders towing kit. Nissan X-Trail T30

This kit is for those who use their X-Trail for towing
Do you find that your X-Trail sits very low at the rear when towing? Not as stable as you would like?
Then this is the kit to solve your problems.
The T30 X-Trail as supplied has very soft rear springs, and as a consequence, when used for towing, especially if you also have luggage in the rear, the rear of the vehicle will sit too low. This causes the front of the vehicle to “go light” as well as making the whole combination less stable at speed. This is excarbated by the low damping rates of the standard shocks.
Pedders have designed a kit designed to resolve these issues, improve stability, which in turn makes for more confidence when towing.
An uprated rear spring, and matching shocks achieve this. Due to clever design, the change in ride comfort when unladen and not towing is minimal.
Fitting is straight forward, and no modifications to the vehicle are necessary.
We do however recommend checking the wheel alignment after fitting, as replacing the rear springs and shocks can disturb the alignment settings.

Key features

  • Supplied as a MATCHED SET of springs and shocks.
  • Individually shock dyno tested as a complete suspension system mated to your existing O.E. hardware for quality assurance & performance.
  • Pedders gas shocks are made from heavy duty twin-tube gas construction technology & heavy duty reinforced double welded mountings for long term durability.
  • The complete kit is a system designed and valved to work together.
  • All backed by our 2 Year / 25,000 mile warranty

Vehicle Height Information

Rear: Standard.
Notes: Heights should be measured as shown in the secondary picture.

Contents of Kit 803268 (Pedders Part Numbers)

7493 x 2 -Rear Spring
9471L x 1 - Rear Shock Left
9471 x 1 – Rear Shock Right

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