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Pedders Shock Absorber 7940

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The primary function of springs, whether they be Leaf, Coil or Torsion Bars, is to absorb the shocks that are created when driving across irregular road surfaces and to maintain the tyres? contact with the road.

The spring rate, or stiffness, must be matched to the weight of the vehicle resting on it and the weight of the other suspension components and the wheel. Spring rate also controls roll stiffness, or body roll. By reducing the amount of body roll, we reduce the amount of wheel camber change. Large camber change can drastically reduce the tyre?s contact with the road surface, severely limiting the handling potential during cornering.

The handling of most vehicles is substantially improved by increasing the original spring rate to an optimum rate which maximises tyre adhesion and reduces body roll for better handling. Increasing the spring rate beyond the optimum rate detracts from the handling potential as the tyres begin to skip over bumps, reducing grip and safety.

Coil Spring Design and manufacturing is a craft which requires strict adherence to a demanding series of procedures, all of which are critical to the performance of the final product. Pedders undertakes the following key steps in relation to its Coil Spring Manufacturing Process:

  • Hot Coiling
  • Oil Quenching
  • Furnace Tempering
  • Shot Peening
  • Scragging
  • Loaded Height and Rate Testing
  • Powder Coating and Packaging

Coil Springs

Coil springs are the foundations of the modern suspension system with most car manufacturers preferring Coil Springs due to their advantages of weight, tenability, space and ease of manufacture. Pedders research, design and manufacture their own range of Coil Springs from their own World-Class Manufacturing plant in Victoria, Australia to ISO 9001 standards.

Pedders produces its coil springs to the highest possible standards following ISO 9001 requirements.

Pedders offer the highest possible quality coil springs due mainly to the following quality manufacturing elements;

Shot Peening

Shot Peening, using a full hardened steel shot, is the process used to relieve stresses on the wire that are wound into the spring during coiling. Shot peening provides extra life to the spring which improves performance, durability and longevity.


Scragging is the process of compressing the spring beyond its normal working limit which effectively pre-sets the spring and determines its finished height. Pedders scrag to 100% or ?coil bound? to improve the long term durability and performance of the spring.

Load Testing

To ensure the most accurate finished product for the desired application, Pedders Suspension load tests 100% of its coil springs to the vehicle?s installed height specification. This system involves loading a spring with a pre-determined, application specific load and specifying the height that the spring must come to.

This is a far more accurate and complex system than simply a measure of ?free? or ?unloaded? height. Pedders define a height tolerance of +/- 2mm for its range of SportsRyder & TrakRyder Springs and +/- 5mm for its range of Touring Springs. This height tolerance for Pedders Touring Springs is consistent with that of original equipment springs. Pedders also load test 100% of its springs rather then simply batch testing.

What is ISO 9001?

The Pedders Suspension Coil Spring Manufacturing Plant holds the World Recognised Manufacturing Quality Standard ISO 9001.

The goal for Quality System Requirements ISO 9001 is the development of fundamental quality systems that provide for continuous improvement, emphasising defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.

What this means for the retail and trade customers of Pedders Suspension is that they can be assured that they are using a product that is of a significant quality standard.

The Pedders Suspension Coil Spring Manufacturing Plant also holds ISO14001 Environmental Certification, an international standard which aims to support environmental protection and prevention of pollution in balance with socio-economic needs.

SportsRyder Suspension Springs

Pedders SportsRyder Coil Springs are Pedders Premium range of lowered Coil Springs for sports and performance applications. Built to ISO 9001 standards with tolerance of only +/-2mm at load height Pedders SportsRyder Coil Springs are simply unrivalled in terms of handling, vehicle appearance and performance.

Pedders Coil Spring Range

Pedders offers to its trade and retail customers, four different branded coil spring ranges.

Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs

Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs are Pedders standard and raised height replacement coil springs for passenger and light commercial vehicles. Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Springs are built to ISO 9001 standards and have unrivalled levels of comfort, handling and load carrying ability.

Trak Ryder Coil Springs

Pedders Trak Ryder Coil Springs are the pinnacle of Four Wheel Drive Coil Springs available in the marketplace. Once again Trak Ryder Coil Springs are built to ISO 9001 standards offering the motorist unparalleled levels of stability and performance over the roughest terrain or in the car park. Common applications offer several height options for customers to choose from.

Torsion Bars

Torsion Bars, most commonly use in recreational four-wheel drive applications are simply a straight coil spring.

All torsion bars may look much the same but because they peform exactly the same function as coil and leaf springs they must also be rated to match the total suspension system and weight of the vehicle. Like Pedders Coil Springs, Pedders Trak Ryder Torsion Bars are made from the highest quality alloy spring steel according to strict production procedure and all fully heat treated and tempered for durability, hardness and consistency. Trak Ryder torsion bars are made to a larger diameter than most original bars, providing a firmer rate for greater control and improved load carrying ability.

Pedders Trak Ryder torsion bars are heavy duty replacement units that provide a permanent upgrade for the front suspension. Whether your vehicle is in standard form or has been fitted with a bull bar, winch, dual battery system or any other heavy accessory, Trak Ryder torsion bars provide extra control, stability and traction for enhanced performance.

Touring Springs

Pedders Touring Springs, Pedders newest addition to its coil spring range, are built to industry standards (thus less than Pedders premium Sports Ryder range) and priced for the performance motorist on a budget. Still built to ISO 9001 standards Pedders Touring Springs are simply the best quality budget coil springs available in the marketplace ? for the motorist more interested in vehicle appearance than performance handling.

Leaf Springs

For heavy duty load carrying and towing, leaf springs remain the best performing suspension design, but can become harsh, noisier and less effective in dampening bumps and vibrations. They are also prone to sagging and should be re-set or replaced when a change in ride height or ride quality is observed.

Pedders offer full replacement leaf spring packs for car, light commercial and four wheel drive applications that feature metal eye sleeves to minimise binding and noise and are constructed from only the highest grade steels for absolute durability and performance.

As an alternative to total replacement of leaf spring packs, Pedders offers a leaf spring resetting service that involves inserting a new and higher rated leaf into the spring pack which is then re-set to the desired ride height.

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