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Pedders Rear Suspension Conversion Kit. Hyundai Santa Fe, DM 803192

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Pedders Rear Suspension Conversion Kit. Hyundai Santa Fe, DM

This kit is used to replace the Original Self-Levelling Suspension. This kit is a direct bolt in replacement. NO modifications to the vehicle are required. No extra parts are required.
"Will my vehicle really be returned to its original Ride height?" Yes, definitely!
The original Self Levelling system has a much weaker spring than would normally be used to carry the weight of the car. In this application, the shock absorber has a hydraulic self levelling function built into it. This function, unlike a normal shock absorber, also carries part of the vehicle weight.
As a consequence, failure of the self levelling function is what causes the vehicle to sit low as it is now solely reliant on the spring to support the weight of the vehicle.
Pedders Suspension overcome this by supplying a matched set of dampers and springs specifically for this purpose. You can buy with full confidence that the vehicle will be the correct height and your troublesome and expensive self levelling dampers consigned to history.
Additionally, these vehicles tend to be underdamped, in particular when towing. Fitting the Pedders kit will improve control under these circumstances.
If you regularly carry heavy loads or tow a heavy trailer, we do another version of this kit with stiffer springs, Pedders part number 803314. If you are unsure which kit is most suitable, please do contact one of our staff who will do their best to help you.
Please note, not all Santa Fe’s are fitted with Self Levelling. It is only fitted to certain models or as an option. The Pedders kit will fit BOTH variants
Please note our vehicle height measurements are based on 16 inch wheels. This does not mean it will only fit cars with 16 inch wheels. The kit WILL fit irrespective of wheel size.

Key features

  • Supplied as a MATCHED SET of springs and shocks.
  • Individually shock dyno tested as a complete suspension system mated to your existing O.E. hardware for quality assurance & performance.
  • The Pedders Kit 803192 will restore the height of your vehicle.
  • Pedders gas shocks are made from heavy duty twin-tube gas construction technology & heavy duty reinforced double welded mountings for long term durability.
  • The complete kit is a system designed and valved to work together.
  • Also an easy & low cost way to convert from coil overs.
  • All backed by our 2 Year / 40,000km warranty

Vehicle Height Information

Rear: Standard Height. Notes: Heights should be measured as shown in the secondary picture.

Contents of Kit 803192 (Pedders Part Numbers)

7665 x 2 – Rear Spring 120295 x 2 – Rear Shock

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