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Pedders Heavy Duty Rear Suspension Kit with lower insulator rubbers. VW T5 & T6 Van & Chassis Cab 803345

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Pedders Heavy Duty Load Carrying and Towing Suspension kit with lower spring insulators. Constant Load. Volkswagen T5 & T6

Improved load carrying and towing ability for your T5 or T6 van.
Are you finding that your T5 or T6 suspension is struggling with the demands you put on it?
Then Pedders Suspension have the solution for you.
This kit is our “constant load” kit designed for those who regularly run laden. It features an upgraded rear spring, and shocks designed to match. Additionally this kit includes replacement lower spring insulators which can wear badly on well loaded vans. We recommend a minimum load of circa 250kg with this kit. Operation in the unladen state may result in a harsher ride than is desirable.
Results vary between different models, but as a simple guide, assuming you van is well loaded, this kit will RAISE the rear from where it currently sits by 35-50mm. Please check that this will not lift it too much prior to ordering.
This kit is primarily for heavily laden vans. In most cases, campers, certainly short wheel base ones, will not be suitable for this kit as they are not normally heavy enough. Refer to the measurements above. Such vehicles will still benefit from our upgraded shocks Pedders part 120216, which will reduce wallowing and bounce on well laden campers.
Please note: Due to the way the rear shock is mounted on these vehicles, it is essential that the shock mounting bolts are tightened with the vehicle at its normal operating height. NOT with the wheels off the ground. Failure to do so may result in premature shock bush failure. If your loads vary between completely empty and fully loaded, please consider one of our “variable load” kits, which utilise an airbag system Still not sure this is the correct kit for you? Have further questions? Then please do get in touch with one of our team here at Pedders who will be able to assist you.

Key features

  • Heavy Duty Kit
  • Improved load carrying and towing
  • Premium Grade Rear Springs
  • All backed by our 2 year / 40,000km warranty

Vehicle Height Information

Front: N/A
Rear: Standard height dependant on load.
Notes: Heights should be measured as shown in the secondary picture.

Contents of Kit 803084 (Pedders Part Numbers)

7891 x 2 - Pedders Heavy Duty Rear Spring
120216 x 2 – Pedders Heavy Duty Shock
7HO 511 150B x 2 Lower spring insulators

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