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Pedders EziFit OEDR Fully Assembled Suspension Kit. Mazda MX5 NA models 803287

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Mazda MX5 Mk1 NA models

Original Equipment Direct Replacement (OEDR)


These Pedders OEDR Ezifit replacement struts are designed for those seeking to replace either defective springs or shocks. These come fully assembled with all new top mounts, bumpstops and boots ready to fit.
Rather than replace a pair of shocks or springs, having to strip the struts down to do so, and, inevitably running the risk that further parts such as top mounts and bump stops etc need replacing, you can just purchase these fully assembled struts that come with everything new. Just unbolt the existing strut, remove and install the new one. Too easy!l All at a great price These Ezifit struts are a direct replacement for the original Mazda parts. For those seeking to enhance the car and/or lower the car, please see our Lowered kit.


Key features

  • Reduced installation time as shocks, springs and mounts are all supplied pre-assembled and ready to install. No need to use a spring compressor as the work is already done for you! Just unbolt the old and bolt in the new. ITS PLUG & PLAY suspension at its best!
  • Supplied as a MATCHED SET of pre-assembled suspension components.
  • Individually shock dyno tested as a complete suspension system mated to your existing O.E. hardware for quality assurance & performance.
  • All backed by our 2 Year / 40,000km warranty


Vehicle Height Information

Front: Standard

Rear: Standard.

Note 1: Heights should be measured as shown in the secondary picture.

Note 2: Mk1 MX5 models had more than one variant of suspension height from new, so final ride height may vary slightly, depending on which model variant/year you have

Contents of Kit 803287 (Pedders Part Numbers)

802011 x 2 - Pedders Ezifit Front Strut

802012 x 2 - Pedders Ezifit Rear Strut

Make Model Year
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