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Pedders Comfort Improvement Kit. Rear only. Ford Ranger, PX 803260

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Pedders Comfort Improvement Kit Ford Ranger, PX1, 2 & 3

Improved ride comfort.
Are you looking to improve the ride comfort of your Ranger?
Then Pedders Suspension have the solution for you.
This kit features our excellent Pedders TrakRyder Foam Cell shocks, new rear leaf springs as well as the necessary bushes and U bolts to install them.
This kit is our Comfort Improvement Kit, and is designed primarily to improve the unladen/lightly laden ride comfort by reducing the harshness transmitted from the rear on the standard vehicle.. This kit is a “rear only” kit. The front suspension remains unchanged.
If you regularly carry heavy loads or tow a trailer, then consider one of our heavy duty kit options
This kit does NOT reduce the load carrying ability compared to the standard Ford Ranger rear spring. However, our rear spring, combined with our specially valved shock, allows for an improvement in the unladen ride, removing some of the harshness that can be felt in the standard vehicle on poor road surfaces. For more information on how we achieve this, please see our technical pages.
These components replace the original items. No other modifications to the vehicle are necessary.
Still not sure this is the correct kit for you? Have further questions? Then please do get in touch with one of our team here at Pedders who will be able to assist you.

Key features

  • Improved ride comfort
  • Sintered Iron Piston Shocks with Large 40mm Bore
  • All backed by our 2 year / 40,000km warranty

Vehicle Height Information

Front: Standard
Rear: Standard
Notes: Heights should be measured as shown in the secondary picture.

Contents of Kit 803260 (Pedders Part Numbers)

262098 x 2 - Pedders Rear Spring
153564 x 2 - Pedders Foam Cell Rear Shock
EP8412 x 1 - Pedders Urethane Spring Eye Bushes
EP8415 x 1- Pedders Urethane Lower Shackle Bushes
4392 x 4 - Pedders U bolt

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