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Pedders Brake Conversion Kit PBCK003

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Pedders Rear Brake Conversion Kit

For pick-up ute drivers and fleet owners, braking performance under load and excess weight can create a safety issue. With Pedders Rear disc brake conversion kits the braking performance is simply epic! Independent testing proved an average of 17% improvement in braking efficiency under heavy full GVW load*.

This upgrade braking kit is a must have for all Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max owners

Exclusive to Pedders.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy inspection. The car owner does not have to remove the wheels to look at the disc brake system.
  • Increased stopping power over drum brakes. Smaller pad area, but more clamping efficiently. Brake pedal feel and modulation are improved.
  • The disc brakes are completely self-adjusting and have less moving parts.
  • It takes longer for the disc brake to achieve brake fade, because they have a wider surface area that is directly exposed to air.
  • Disc brakes drain water quickly whereas once water enters a drum brake, it stays there longer hindering braking efficiency.
  • Brake mounting is very easy. Only two bolts are needed to be removed to replace brake pads.
  • Kit is inclusive of all of the necessary hardware to update the rear drum brake to ad Pedders TrakRyder Rear Disc Brake. Kit contents includes a pair of Pedders TrakRyder Geomet coated and slotted disc brake rotors. Plus a set of rear TrakRyder Kevlar Ceramic brake pads.
  • Installation video supplied along with fitting instructions.
  • 2 Year 25000 mile Warranty.

Please watch the installation video for tips on the work involved in fitting this kit.

    Whilst installation is possible in a well equipped workshop, the process may be easier using the special tools listed below. Given the cost of these tools, we offer a hire service for these.

      PSTE3313 Bearing pressing tool

      PSTE3315 Axle nut tool

        These can be hired together for £35.00. A deposit of £300.00 will be required, refundable on return of the undamaged tools. This tool hire cannot be completed online. Please contact us to arrange this.

        Additional Information:

        For additional information, you can view and download the bulletin here.

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