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Pedders Anti-Roll Bar Kit. Chrysler 300C, Dodge Challenger 814096

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Pedders Anti-Roll Bar Kit. Chrysler 300C, Dodge Challenger

Enhanced handling from Pedders
Pedders Suspension is proud to offer a new range of SportsRyder Extreme sway bar systems to suit the 300C & Challenger. The perfect compliment to your existing suspension setup, or an ideal first handling mod to wake up your daily driver or track toy! Offering no trade offs in ride harshness or increased noise, they are engineered to be a truly NO BULL solution to bring your pride and joy to the next level!

Key features

  • Manufactured in the USA utilizing the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques such as cold forming and CNC manufacturing to ensure a precise fit every time!
  • Complete kits include all that is needed for installation including high quality bushes and lubricant.
  • Carefully selected diameters and construction type tailored to the application utilizing a 35m front bar and a 22mm rear bar to achieve balanced handling traits.
  • Industry leading fit and finish ensuring long corrosion free service life with it’s durable powder coated finish in bold Pedders Red.
  • Reduced body roll by resisting lateral weight transfer.
  • Improve transient vehicle response, turn in and vehicle stability.
  • Adjustable sway bars enable you to fine-tune front and rear understeer/oversteer.

Vehicle Height Information


Contents of Kit 814096 (Pedders Part Numbers)

428001-35| – Front Anti-roll Bar
429001-22 – Rear Anti-roll Bar

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