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Pedders 1.5 Inch Heavy Duty Suspension Lift Kit. Volkswagen Amarok 4 cylinder models 803184

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Pedders 1.5 Inch Heavy Duty Suspension Lift Kit. Volkswagen Amarok 4 cylinder models

Improved load carrying and towing ability and ground clearance.
Do you use your Amarok for load carrying and/or towing? Do you need increased ground clearance?
Then Pedders Suspension have the solution for you.
This kit features our excellent Pedders TrakRyder shocks, front coil springs, new rear leaf springs as well as the necessary bushes and U bolts to install them. This kit is our first level heavy duty kit and is designed primarily to raise the vehicle and improve its load carrying and towing ability.
This kit improves the load carrying ability compared to the standard Amarok rear spring whilst still allowing operation in the unladen state, though it will be a firmer ride than the standard spring.
This kit will raise the vehicle by approx. 35mm allowing better ground clearance and improved looks. Can be used to accommodate larger tyres. The dimensions quoted assume a standard vehicle. If you have additional equipment on board at the front such as a winch or bull bar, this will affect the final installed height. If this is the case, please contact us as it may be necessary to supply different springs for your application.
For those using the vehicle in a continuously laden state, please contact us. It may be that you require a firmer rear spring, which can provide.
These components replace the original items. No other modifications to the vehicle are necessary. After fitting we strongly recommend a wheel alignment is carried out for optimum performance of your vehicle.
Still not sure this is the correct kit for you? Have further questions? Then please do get in touch with one of our team here at Pedders who will be able to assist you.

Key features

  • 1.5 Inch Lift Kit
  • Improved load carrying and towing
  • Increased Off-Road Ground Clearance
  • Sintered Iron Piston Shocks with Large 35mm Bore
  • Premium Grade Steel Coils
  • All backed by our 2 year / 40,000km warranty

Vehicle Height Information

Front: Approx. 35mm higher than standard.
Rear: Approx. 35mm higher than standard.
Notes: Heights should be measured as shown in the secondary picture.

Contents of Kit 803310 (Pedders Part Numbers)

144338 x 2 - Pedders TrakRyder Front Shock
280068 x 2- Pedders Front Spring
6285 x 2 - Pedders Heavy Duty Rear Spring
141228 x 2 - Pedders TrakRyder Rear Shock
EP8414 x 2 – Pedders Urethane Leading Eye Bushes
EP8414 x 1- Pedders Urethane Lower Shackle Bushes
4389 x 4 - Pedders U bolt
4318 x 2 – Pedders Driveshaft Bolt kit

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